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New Series! MINDFULNESS-BASED STRESS REDUCTION with Sunada Takagi - 8 Wednesdays, April 17 - June 5, 6:30-9pm, plus a daylong retreat Sunday, November 2, 10-4 ~ Preregistration with Sunada required here

Mindfulness isn’t so much a tool or technique, but a different way of being. When we pay attention to our present moments, we start to see ourselves and our world more clearly. Instead of being driven by worry, anxiety, or feeling pressured, we begin to choose our responses more wisely. We find our way to a more balanced and centered life, guided by our inner strengths and values rather than old habits and reactions. This 8-week series is a thorough introduction to the art of mindfulness. It’s based on Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn's pioneering work in mind-body medicine originated at the UMass Medical Center. $650/sliding scale. Sunada Takagi is a mindfulness instructor and coach, as well as a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order. She is passionate about helping people transform their lives through mindfulness. Learn more about her at

SHTERNA And The LOST VOICE: A Musical Crankie* Storytelling Adventure! with The Magid Ensemble & Mamaliga Klezmer Band ~ Saturday, April 20, 7:30-9:30pm ~ Free/Donation

Join us for A.C. Weaver’s new folktale adventure for young and old, inspired by mythical stories of Elyahu Hanovi and traditional Yiddish folklore. Shterna and the Lost Voice follows a young woman’s quest from the realms of the dead to the celestial gardens of the immortal – all to restore her friend's lost voice. Shterna’s epic adventure is accompanied by live original klezmer music while the narrative unfolds through a papercut crankie*. All ages welcome! Shterna and the Lost Voice is presented by The Magid Ensemble (magid, meaning “storyteller” in Yiddish) –  a new collaboration featuring award-winning klezmer musicians and composers Mattias Kaufmann, Raffi Boden, and Rachel Leader, Yiddishist storyteller A. C. Weaver, and visual artist Kiah Raymond.  *What is a crankie? A crankie is a long scroll wound onto two spools that illustrates a story as it unwinds. Kiah Raymond's original crankie incorporates shadow puppetry inspired by Jewish papercut art. All ages welcome ~ drop-in: no registration required ~ free/donation

DHARMA TALK & MEDITATION with Lama Tsering ~ Sunday, April 21, 12-2pm ~ In Person ~ Free/Donate

You’re invited to receive Buddhist teachings (dharma), practice meditation, and experience the relevance and benefits of Buddhist philosophy and meditation in daily life. People of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs are welcome to this freely offered monthly event ~ donations gratefully accepted. Tsering Ngodup is a lama, or spiritual teacher, authorized to teach by HH ShaMar Rinpoche. He has devoted over twenty-five years to sharing the religious and spiritual teachings of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. He has traveled across the world, translating and interpreting Buddhist teachings for highly accomplished Tibetan lamas and masters from all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. He is currently a chaplain at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

CIRCLING HANDS TAIJI: A Monthly Workshop with Steven Cardoza ~ Sunday, April 21, 2:30-5:30pm ~ In person & livestream

Circling Hands, also known as 'Taiji Ruler', is a simple single-movement qigong with a wide range of benefits and applications. Its gentle circular patterns effectively release tension from the spine and nervous system, producing a calm, focused awareness while relieving various joint, spine and whole body aches. Included Daoist Breathing massages the internal organs, promotes smooth continuous movement, and invigorates qi flow. An excellent form for beginners, it may be used as a stand-alone qigong practice, as preparation or support for more advanced qigongs, as an introduction to taiji, and as enhancement to a current taiji practice. Info & registration here ~ video demonstration here 

NE PSYCHEDELIC MEDICINE Collective: Meetup with Sasha Teter & Cliff McGann ~ Sunday, April 28, 3-5pm ~ In Person

Since 2016, a welcoming group of psychedelic therapists, clinical trial participants and those new to the field have been meeting to discuss the evolving landscape of psychedelic medicine. We meet monthly to explore the historic, traditional and modern use of psychedelic medicine for the purpose of growth and universal connectivity. We discuss how to integrate this medicine in a way that honors tradition while also understanding the legal issues and science supporting its efficacy. Everyone is welcome and our attendees include psychedelic therapists, researchers, clinical trial participants along with folks with limited knowledge who want to learn more in an open and supportive environment. - Join here

Live Music! KIRTAN with Shubalananda & Friends ~ Saturday, May 4, 7:30-9:30pm ~ Free/Donate

Created by ancient Indian rishis from Vedic mantras, kirtan is a yoga of sound - an evening of beautiful music and heartfelt call-and-response singing. No previous experience is necessary to experience its emotional depth, yet powerful as it is, kirtan is effortless and incredibly enjoyable. Free ~ please make a donation! Shubalananda Larry Kopp has been leading kirtan for many years, having studied with Neem Karoli Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, KarunaSeptemberi and Shree Maa. His guitar & harmonium playing and voice of experience gives his kirtan a power and a heartfulness that is shared with all who join in. Find out more at

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QIGONG + TAI CHI with Pam Vlahakis ~ Fridays, 4-5pm ~ In Person & Livestream ~ Join here

Qigong + Tai Chi are ancient systems of mind-body exercise originating in China for the purpose of promoting health and healing. Tai Chi was first developed as a martial art form for self-defense. Today, people practice Qigong + Tai Chi for vitality and wellness, as both practices feature breath awareness, focused concentration and gentle rhythmic movement. This combined Qigong + T’ai Chi class may include the Therapeutic Qigong 36 form, 8 form and 5 steps, Buddhist Qigong Crane form, and Tai Chi elements and forms. $16 or Pass: Unlimited, 10-Class ~ join here

OmDRUM: A Welcoming Circle ~ Pasha Cohen ~ Mondays, 7:30-8:30pm ~ In Person

Join professional percussionist and teacher Pasha Cohen for a lively weekly drum circle. We’ll explore together how to use the Drum as a tool for meditation and self-healing, sampling African and Western styles of hand drumming. All ages and levels of experience are welcome in OmDrum’s judgment-free space. Bring a drum if you have one, or rent one from Pasha…and if you have any friends who might like to try drumming, please tell them about it! $20 or Pass ~ $5 drum rental ~ register here

JUNIOR YOGA Ages 5-8 with Louise Parker ~ Wednesdays, 4:30-5:15pm ~ In Person ~ Sign up here

Kids yoga classes with Louise are fun, inspiring, empowering, confidence-building, and down-to-earth, with lots of space for adventure, community projects and cultivating lifelong friendships. Classes can include fun yoga games, community projects & volunteering, music, confidence building workshops, breath work, mindfulness crafts...and did we mention fun?! See your child shine in an environment that supports learning, making mistakes and and personal growth. $12 drop in, $95/10 classes ~ questions, or have an older child? please check out Tween yoga classes or reach out to Louise at

BABY & ME YOGA with Barrett Reinhorn ~ Thursdays, 10-11:15am ~ In Person & Livestream

Postnatal yoga classes welcome new moms/parents with infants for a bit of quiet reflective time while building back their strength. Classes specifically focus on creating connection and comfort in the back, chest, abdominals and pelvic floor – all the places that are achy after pregnancy, birth, and life with a newborn! We focus on recovering from birth, but add a little baby yoga into the mix too (especially if the babies are restless!). Parents are welcome with or without their babies, anytime from early postpartum until babies are crawling. Bring a baby blanket for your baby to lie on, and anything else to make you and your baby comfortable (yoga mat, car seat, toy, etc). Attend single classes or buy a discount multi-pass ~ join here

AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT: Feldenkrais with Ruth Knill ~ Thursdays, 11:30a-12:30p ~ In Person & Livestream ~ Join here

The Feldenkrais Method® of somatic learning is a gentle and pleasant way to improve the quality of your movement and your awareness of your embodied self. By engaging with your habits of movement in a supportive, exploratory way, Feldenkrais can help you to discover more comfortable and efficient ways of moving and being. Safe and gentle, yet challenging in surprising and satisfying ways, the material in each class is tailored to suit the needs and interest of the participants. Attend single classes or buy a discount multi-pass ~ join here