The Arlington Center


Although there are many different styles of yoga, they all share the same basic principles, and each is a synthesis integrating the influence of intertwining traditions dating from the past century to more than a millennium ago. You can try different styles at the Center by dropping in to single classes, or buying a Multi-Class pass

YOGA, All Levels offers a flowing meditative style drawn from the Krishnamacharya lineage. Emphasis is on mindfully allowing the body and breath to reorganize naturally, optimizing the powerful internal and awareness effects of practice and leading to profound relaxation. Classes with Chip also feature mindfulness meditation and yin yoga, with deeply nourishing internal stretches that release tight joints, stimulate the body's energy meridians or nadis, and foster a radiant sense of presence

GENTLE FLOW YOGA is a flowing practice that links breath and movement. Each sequence begins on the ground with gentle warm-ups and progresses to standing poses and flowing movement, ending on the ground with restorative poses and deep relaxation. Students of all levels are welcome!

GENTLE YOGA approaches asana practice with postures that gently stretch, strengthen and soothe the body. Restorative poses are also presented to nurture the body's energy into balance and cultivate deep relaxation to help release stress and let the body/mind rest deeply. This is a wonderful combination for re-energizing the body and de-stressing the mind

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION is a simple, natural method for human beings to see things as they are. Through the practice of ‘remembering’ the present, calmly attending to the emergence of each moment, we learn to abide in the now, awakening to the nature of the bodily and mental processes that are continually creating it. This timeless yogic path, developed by the Buddha and accessible to anyone, cultivates equanimity and insight, leading toward the freedom of effortless awareness

IYENGAR YOGA is a rigorous, detailed approach to yoga movement, based on the innovative work of BKS Iyengar. Classes impart a precise, thorough understanding of the body and sensation, while developing agility, core strength and balance

PRENATAL YOGA is designed for students who are pregnant and have an ongoing practice as well as pregnant students brand new to yoga. Learn practices that build strength, flexibility, calm and focus — all the way through to delivery. We begin class with a ‘check-in' to share with the others how we are doing, which builds a caring community within the group. This class is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy

YOGA Sunday AM All Levels is designed to start the day. Based on the Yoga of Energy Flow, which incorporates Vinyasa and Iyengar influences, classes include yoga movement (asana) , breathwork (pranayama), meditation and relaxation, with sequences to build flexibility, strength and balance. Appropriate for all levels


NIA Dance is an ecstatic movement practice weaving together elements of modern dance, yoga, and mind/body integration in a lively flow set to music

QIGONG/TAI CHI are ancient systems of mind-body exercise originating in China for the purpose of promoting health and healing. Tai Chi was first developed as a martial art form for self-defense. Today people practice Qigong and Tai Chi for health and wellness as they both consist of breath awareness, focused concentration and gentle rhythmic movement. This combined Qigong/Tai Chi class may include the Therapeutic Qigong 36 form, 8 form and 5 steps, Buddhist Qigong Crane form, and Tai Chi elements and forms