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Community Support

Class Card Exchange

Multi-Class Passes

apply automatically to

each class you join

10 Class pack

~ $175

join any class, or visit the 24/7 Video Library for the day

• no expiration date

Unlimited membership

~ $75, first month

~ $125, auto-renew

join any class, or visit the 24/7 Video Library!

• 3 months minimum

Single Classes

drop in anytime: pay as

you go, or buy a pass

$16 ~ 60 min class,


$18 ~ 75 min class,

livestreaming, or a day at

the 24/7 HD Video Library

$20 ~ 90+ min class,


Community Support

A helping hand if you need it

Financially challenged by the pandemic? Need an assist?

If your income is like ours and has dropped by 30% or more since March, 2020, The Center is glad to help: send us your name and user account email - you'll receive a 30% discount you can apply to any class, for as long as you need!

Class Cards?

Hold 'em or fold 'em...

into a Multi-Class pass!

Hang onto your old studio class cards for when we resume live classes in 2021, or transfer them anytime to a Multi-Class pass. Here's how:

Return your card to the Center - send us a pic, or mail the card to us, or drop it off in our mailbox - and be sure to let us know which option below you prefer

Numbered cards

We’ll transfer your remaining credits to a 10 Class pass, or to an Unlimited membership extending 1 week for every 2 classes remaining (for example, if you have 8 more classes, you’ll get 4 weeks)

Unlimited cards

You can exchange your remaining time to an Unlimited membership extending for the period remaining on the card as of March 13, ’20, plus 1 week. You can also exchange your remaining time for a 10 Class pass, 2 classes for every week remaining as of March 13, ’20 , plus 1 week, with no exp date (for example, if you had 1 week left on March 13th, you’ll get 4 classes)