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OmDRUM: A Weekly Circle with Pasha Cohen ~ Thursdays, 8-9pm

Join professional percussionist and teacher Pasha Cohen for a lively weekly drum circle. We’ll explore together how to use the Drum as a tool for meditation and self-healing, sampling African and Western styles of hand drumming. All ages and levels of experience are welcome in OmDrum’s judgment-free space. Bring a drum if you have one, or rent one from Pasha…and if you have any friends who might like to try drumming, please tell them about it! $20/class, or use a Pass ~ $5 for drum rental

Summer Weekend Getaway! ROCKPORT YOGA with AnnIe Hoffman ~ August 26-28

Drop into self/Self, nature, and community for the weekend at lovely Windhover in Rockport. Days will include active and restorative yoga, pranayama, meditation, insight dialogue, guided walks, and quarry swims, with Ayurvedic meals prepared by Veronica Wolff-Casey. $450-$600 per weekend, sliding scale, includes lodging, with some private cabins available - limited to 15. Find out more or reserve your spot here

Live Music! KIRTAN with Shubalananda ~ In Person/Vax'd ~ Saturday, September 3, 7:30-9:30pm - Free/Donation! ~ RSVP here

Created by ancient Indian rishis from Vedic mantras, kirtan is a yoga of sound - an evening of beautiful music and heartfelt call-and-response singing. No previous experience is necessary to experience its emotional depth, yet powerful as it is, kirtan is effortless and incredibly enjoyable. Free ~ no preregistration ~ please make a donation!

Shubalananda Larry Kopp has been leading kirtan for many years, having studied with Neem Karoli Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, and Shree Maa. His guitar & harmonium playing and voice of experience gives his kirtan a power and a heartfulness shared with all who join in.

SHAMANIC JOURNEY with Comma Williams ~ Tuesday, September 6, 9:30-11:30am ~ Livestreaming

Shamanic journey is a tool that has been traditionally used by indigenous shamans for the healing of individuals and communities. Most commonly, shamans use drums and rattles to shift their consciousness into non-ordinary reality, a trance-like state, to communicate with their helping guides and spirits. We know now that anyone can learn to journey! Join Comma Williams for this monthly crossing into non-ordinary reality to gain insight, information, and clarity about your path.