A Holistic Approach with Dal Hucknall, LICSW

The first step to achieving change is to clarify your needs, priorities, desires and goals. Only then can you take the actions necessary to materialize positive change in your life and shape the person you want to be. With this style of therapy, the sky’s the limit.

The Arlington Center invites you to clarify and actualize your life goals, in the context of a supportive and collaborative therapeutic relationship with Dal Hucknall. Working with Dal’s highly effective techniques and tools, you can understand and overcome negative habit patterns and self-esteem issues, bring a new sense of discipline to your day, and create the new life you envision.

Healing on All Levels
This highly individualized approach addresses healing on all levels:

You’ll use tools designed to help you reflect on your life and clarify goals, including dreamwork, journaling, and a visual “wish-book.” Individualized audio taped visualizations and affirmations are also used to re-program expectations and help you actualize goals.


A safe and comfortable environment is created to help you express feelings and deepen your understanding, within the context of a supportive and objective therapeutic relationship.

To create a solid spiritual foundation for the therapy, you’ll learn to remember, deepen and understand your dreams, including the practice of lucid dreaming. Daily prayer is also a powerful means of manifesting your intentions and higher purpose, regardless of your religious background.

The process also helps you focus more effectively on lifestyle issues, including diet and exercise. Some psychoeducation is available regarding the alkaline diet, earth medicine, and women’s health issues.

Special Areas of Focus
Dal offers a supportive, collaborative approach to improving self-esteem, physical health, and emotional well-being. Special areas of focus include:

Identity and self-esteem issues
Depression and anxiety
Grief and loss issues
Weight control
Relationship problems

Dal Hucknall, LICSW is a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience in traditional and holistic counseling. She has worked extensively with adolescents, adults, couples, families and groups. She utilizes and integrates a variety of effective therapeutic techniques to help clients achieve their personal goals and objectives. Dal’s interpersonal style has been described as “warm, insightful and innovative”.

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