Foundations Of Indian Wisdom

The Arlington Center is pleased to present a series of workshops introducing extraordinary paths of spiritual exploration. Foundations Of Indian Wisdom is designed to enable participants both to understand the concepts of the major Indian liberation traditions and to experience the unfolding clarity of the awakening process through learning and practice.

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September 26
Join Hari Kaur for a Kundalini Yoga intensive! You will have a have an in-depth experience of the foundations of this dynamic practice. The day will include lectures and dicussions on the philosophy of Kundalini Yoga, how to develop the foundation of the practices of mantra, meditation, and kriya. Both beginning and advanced practitioners will find this a day of community practice, energy, and deep meditation. Hari Kaur is author of A Woman's Book of Yoga - Embracing Our Natural Life Cycles, co-written with Mache Seibel, MD. $55

October 23-24
THE YOGA-SUTRA: Asanas To Resonate With led by Vyaas Houston
The Yoga Sutras offer us a precise inner map to awareness and freedom from self-imposed limitations. This workshop explores Patanjali’s definitive description of yoga and the heart of its practice, a perfect model of living consciously in thepresent. You will learn an easy and enjoyable method for chanting sutras in the original Sanskrit, with clear definitions of the original terms. In this way, learning the essential teachings of yoga can be a yoga in and of itself, supporting a spirit of enquiry energized by chanting, asanas and meditation. Asanas To Resonate With are gentle yoga postures combined with vocal resonance to increase vocal power for the enjoyment of chanting, and create a sense of relaxed spaciousness in the body and chakras. Vyaas Houston is the founder of the American Sanskrit Institute. A teacher of yoga and Sanskrit for more than 30 years, he is the author of Sanskrit by CD, Sanskrit Atlas 1.0 and The Yoga SutraWorkbook, and has recorded and translated the Sutras and many other Sanskrit classics. Sat: noon-5, Sun: 10-4. All are welcome - $135.

November 12-13
THE FLOWERING OF FREEDOM: Nondual Yoga with Richard Miller & Chip Hartranft
Join Richard Miller & Chip Hartranft for in-depth practices and dialogue that penetrate to Nondual Yoga - the art of knowing our true nature that is untouched by suffering or death. The comprehensive teachings of Yoga are an experiential ‘spiritual psychology’ that guide us in how to live life so that every moment reveals our underlying nature as spacious and unconditioned Witnessing Presence.

Friday, 7pm The Yoga of Freedom: Duality, Nonduality and Beyond Samkhya, the Yoga-Sutra, Advaita Vedanta & Kashmir Nondualism teach us that when we live our inherent, unborn nondual presence we experience unbounded freedom in every moment and action. In this evening talk, Richard will outline Yoga’s comprehensive view of enlightened living, an organic whole that unites diverse traditions & approaches.
Saturday, 10-5 The Yoga of Self-Realization:Practices for Enlightened Living Hatha Yoga, Pranayama & meditation create the fertile ground that enables Nondualism to take root & grow. This day, led by Chip & Richard, will be an integration of practices grounded in dialogue that support awakening to true nature. Saturday participants are encouraged to attend the Fri pm talk. Fri $15/Sat $65/Combined $75/$65 If Rec’d By Oct 15

Call 781-316-0282 to register!