...with a lineup of transformative classes, films, trainings, workshops, and other events! Come to a class whenever you like - just check out the schedules for this week and next week. Then, drop in on a class anytime - preregistration recommended for most workshops!

This Week - preregistration recommended* or required** for starred workshops
PSYCHODRAMA Open Session with Maria Mellano & Joel Thayer
Friday, January 24, 7:30pm ~ all welcome!
Psychodrama uses the power of theater to explore and understand issues in our lives. An Open Session is instructional, experiential and low key - a great introduction to the process within a safe setting, with time for questions, and all experience levels are welcome. Prior registration is requested but not required. More at $20 or class card at the door

A Half-Day Meditation Retreat with Matthew Daniell
Saturday, January 25, 12:30-4pm ~ Insight Meditation teaches us to calm and steady attention in the present moment through simple mindful awareness, see into the changing nature of all experience. This wisdom practice allows us to naturally let go of unwise clinging that harms ourselves and others. Compassionate Awareness is a quality of heart and mind that allows us to embrace suffering in ourselves and the world with greater spaciousness, warmth, and committed responsiveness. $35 base, $45 sustaining (actual program cost), $55 contributing ~ pre-register here

Monthly Class! YOGA For Continuing Students with Liz Owen
Saturday, January 25, 4:30-6pm ~This alignment-based practice will renew, refresh, and restart your body and mind at the end of your busy week. Each class includes centering your mind and warming up your body, a mix of vinyasa and sustained postures, pranayama, and deep relaxation - just what one needs to approach a new week with clarity and vitality! Open to students with 1+ year experience. $20 or class card at the door

Live Music! KIRTAN with Shubalananda & Friends
Saturday, January 25, 7:30pm ~ Created by ancient Indian rishis from Vedic mantras, kirtan is a yoga of sound - an evening of beautiful music and heartfelt call-and-response singing. No previous experience is necessary to experience its emotional depth, yet powerful as it is, kirtan is effortless and incredibly enjoyable. Free ~ please make a donation!

DHARMA TALK & MEDITATION with Lama Tsering Ngodup
Sunday, January 26, 10am-12pm ~ You’re invited to receive Buddhist teachings (dharma), practice meditation, and experience the relevance and benefits of Buddhist philosophy and meditation in daily life. All are welcome to this freely offered biweekly event ~ donations gratefully accepted

SOUND HEALING CIRCLE with Brad Brockmann & Comma Williams
Sunday, January 26, 7-9pm ~ doors open 6:45, close 7:20
Join us on the last Sunday of January, April, July, & October to explore the transformative powers of sound. You will both co-create and receive sound healing, and learn how to improvise music with a healing intention. Bring your favorite instruments or just yourself and your voice. Donation $15-25

YOGA THERAPY For Bone & Joint Health with Susan Desmarais
6 Wednesday, 5:15-6:45pm, January 29 - March 4 ~ As we age, our bones and joints begin to deteriorate with wear & tear. Whether one has osteoporosis or arthritis, yoga presents positive 'side effects' for these conditions, including: improved posture, directly addressing spinal fractures; balance, and gait. Yoga practice not only enhances circulation, coordination, range of motion, and strength, but also reduces pain, improves function, and brings about positive mental states. Yoga has been documented to reduce the risk of falling, as well - the main cause of osteoporotic fractures. Join Susan in this 6-week series of explorations in joint and bone strength, stability and mobility. Each session will build upon the others, as skills are developed and expanded upon. $165 cash or check payable to TAC - preregistration is required by January 22nd for this progressive series - to register, contact Susan at 671-913-0531 or via email

Drop in anytime!
Gentle Yoga
Qigong/Tai Chi
African Dance 
  Through Movement
Bones For Life
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Nia/Ana Ayvazian - Mon, 11am
Community Yoga - Mon, 4pm
Yoga w Props - T, 9:30a, W, 7:30a
Feldenkrais Mvt/Deborah - Tu, 12n
The Hip Joint/Deborah - Tu, 2pm
Qi Gong/Tai Chi/Pam - Wed, 10am
Bones For life/Deborah - Thur, 12n
Insight Meditation/Chip - Fri, 10a
Insight Meditation/Fez - Sun, 5p
Dharma Film Series
Insight Meditation
Mindful Self-
Patañjali Yoga-Sutra
Shamanic Journey
Spiritual Counseling
Sound Healing Circle
The Month Ahead...
Craniosacral Therapy
Fitness Training
Massage Therapy 
Personal Coaching 
31 Dance! Continuum Flow Friday
1 Restorative Yoga/Keith & Karen
1 Dharma Film: Silent Light
2 Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra/Juin
7 Dance! 5 Rhythms/Margaux
8 Art & Yoga/Clayman, Stevens
9 Dharma Talk, Meditation/lama T
9 Dance! Continuum/Megan B-P
9 Shamanic Journey Circle/Comma
15 Live Music! Kirtan/Shubalananda
21 Psychodrama/Mellano & Thayer
22 Continuing Yoga/Liz Owen
23 Dharma Talk, Meditation/Lama T
26 Adult Children/Bothe & Ramsey
28 Dance! Continuum Flow Friday