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This Week - preregistration recommended* or required** for starred workshops
New 8-Week Series!
Wednesdays, June 19 - August 7, 7-9:30pm
plus one daylong class on Sunday, July 28, 9-4
Mindfulness isn’t so much a tool or technique, but a different way of being. When we pay attention to our present moments, we start to see ourselves and our world more clearly. Instead of being driven by worry, anxiety, or feeling pressured, we begin to choose our responses more wisely. We find our way to a more balanced and centered life, guided by our inner strengths and values rather than old habits and reactions. This 8-week series is a thorough introduction to the art of mindfulness. It’s based on Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn's pioneering work in mind-body medicine originated at the UMass Medical Center. Sliding scale $300-600 – preregistration required

COMPASSIONATE AWARENESS* - A Half-Day Retreat with Matthew Daniell
Saturday, June 22, 1-4:30pm ~ Compassionate awareness arises naturally when our mindfulness is open and connected. It is not so concerned with perfecting concentration on the breath or any object in particular. Nor is it concerned with eliminating thoughts. Its strength lies in fostering relaxation through emphasizing a light steady touch of attention. It teaches us to rest with experience as it is rather than insisting that it be this way or that. This allows us to be with ourselves and others in a more open and flexible way. We experience a sense of ease where clear seeing and wise action flow, naturally bridging the gap between formal meditation and daily life. Come and explore for yourself how compassionate awareness can strengthen wisdom and joy in your life. And the best part is is that it takes less effort than you might think!.
Preregistration recommended here

Release Into RESTORATIVE YOGA* with Karen Barbarisi & Keith Herndon
Saturday, June 22, 2-4pm ~ Join Karen Barbarisi and Keith Herndon for an experience of Restorative Yoga - a therapeutic system that uses the comfortable support of cushions & blankets to nurture the body in various gentle, long-held resting postures.   Restorative Yoga allows the nervous system to quiet and return to a balanced state, quieting the mind. At the same time the body gently stretches and opens, releasing even chronic patterns of tension. The afternoon will unfold with a brief sequence of flowing Kripalu yoga to warm up and prepare the body, then plunge into profound spheres of tranquility and ease. The class June also feature gentle chanting and Reiki to sooth and relax. $35 or class card x 2 + $5 at the door; $28 if registered by June 19th via email with Karen or Keith

DHARMA TALK & MEDITATION with Lama Tsering Ngodup
Sunday, June 23, 10am-12pm ~ You’re invited to receive Buddhist teachings (dharma), practice meditation, and experience the relevance and benefits of Buddhist philosophy and meditation in daily life. All are welcome to this freely offered biweekly event ~ donations gratefully accepted

DIVINE SLEEP™ YOGA NIDRA: A Workshop with Juin Cohen
Sunday, June 23, 2:30-3:45pm  ~   Join Juin to experience and learn about Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. You'll be guided in a deep and restful Divine Sleep meditation practice, during which nothing required of you except to lie down, listen and give yourself permission to rest and restore. Through Dive Sleep Yoga Nidra you will experience deeper levels of inner relaxation than you imagined possible, finding new sources of balance and energy. $20 or class card ~ suitable for all level

New Monthly Class! COMMUNITY KUNDALINI YOGA with John Hunt
Saturday, June 29, 2:30-3:45pm ~ Kundalini Yoga combines asanas or physical postures with breath work and mantra. All are welcome to this new monthly offering, which strives to create an inclusive community that is a safe space for LGBTQ folks and people of all diverse backgrounds. Beginners and experienced yoga practitioners welcome. 22% of proceeds will go to an organization that supports social and environmental justice. $10 suggested donation at door


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Gentle Yoga
African Dance 
  Through Movement
Bones For Life
Please pre-register
Nia/Ana Ayvazian - Mon, 11am
Community Yoga - Mon, 4pm
Recovery Yoga > Cyclists - M, 7:45p
Yoga w Props - T, 9:30a, W, 7:30a
Feldenkrais Mvt/Deborah - Tu, 12n
The Hip Joint/Deborah - Tu, 2pm
Qi Gong/Maryellen - Wed, 10am
Bones For life/Deborah - Thur, 12n
Insight Meditation/Fez - Sun, 5p
Dharma Film Series
Insight Meditation
Mindful Self-
Patañjali Yoga-Sutra
Shamanic Journey
Spiritual Counseling
Sound Healing Circle
The Month Ahead...
Craniosacral Therapy
Fitness Training
Massage Therapy 
Personal Coaching 
30 Sound Healing/Brad & Comma
5 Dance! The 5 Rhythms/Margaux
7 Dharma Talk, Meditation/Lama T
7 Shamanic Journey/Comma
13 Yoga Nidra Train'g/Jennifer Reis
14 Yoga Nidra Class/Jennifer Reis
20 For Women! Goddess Loves
20 Live Music! Kirtan/Shubalananda
21 Dharma Talk, Meditation/Lama T
22-26 Yoga Summer Camp for Adults
27 Restorative Yoga/Keith & Karen
27 Community Kundalini Yoga
27 Sacred Gathering/Mother Drum
28 Dance! Continuum/Megan
28 Sound Healing/Brad & Comma