...with a lineup of transformative classes, trainings, workshops, films, and other events! Come to a class whenever you like - just check out the schedules for this week and next week. Then, drop in on a class anytime - preregistration recommended for most workshops!

This Week - preregistration recommended* or required** for starred workshops
UNBALANCED WORLD, BALANCED MIND: Meditation for Difficult Times*
A Half-Day Retreat with Chris Crotty
Saturday, February 16, 1-4:30pm ~ The world is often not as we want it to be, and on a personal level, each of us faces the continuous challenge of sustaining well-being within a constantly changing set of conditions in our work, family, health, and relationships. The Buddha's teachings propose that through meditation practice, we can achieve equanimity, a mind that remains balanced when the world is out of balance. Is this a real possibility for us? If so, how? This half-day retreat will explore the Buddha's teachings on equanimity through meditation practices that are relevant to our personal lives today. Open to all levels of experience – preregister here

Release Into RESTORATIVE YOGA* with Karen Barbarisi and Keith Herndon
Saturday, February 16, 2-4pm ~ Join Karen Barbarisi and Keith Herndon for an experience of Restorative Yoga - a therapeutic system that uses the comfortable support of cushions & blankets to nurture the body in various gentle, long-held resting postures. Restorative Yoga allows the nervous system to quiet as the body gently stretches and opens, releasing even chronic patterns of tension. $35 or class card x 2 + $5 at the door

New Monthly Class! YOGA For Continuing Students with Liz Owen
Saturday, February 16, 4:30-6pm ~This alignment-based practice will renew, refresh, and restart your body and mind at the end of your busy week. Each class includes centering your mind and warming up your body, a mix of vinyasa and sustained postures, pranayama, and deep relaxation - just what one needs to approach a new week with clarity and vitality! Open to students with 1+ year experience. $18 or class card at the door

Live Music! KIRTAN with Shubalananda & Friends
Saturday, February 16, 7:30pm ~ Created by ancient Indian rishis from Vedic mantras, kirtan is a yoga of sound - an evening of beautiful music and heartfelt call-and-response singing. No previous experience is necessary to experience its emotional depth, yet powerful as it is, kirtan is effortless and incredibly enjoyable. Free ~ please make a donation!

CONTINUUM: Moving Inquiry* with Megan Bathory-Peeler
Sunday, February 17, 1:30-4:30pm ~ Continuum is an awareness practice sourced by movement and sound that facilitates explorations into embodiment, health, creativity and universal connections. Unfolding as moving mindfulness, Continuum consistently brings one into the present moment through simple awareness of audible breath and wave motion. By being present to what is in the moment, one can make more informed choices for action that are more symbiotic, less effortful, and also maintain a focus on connection rather than fear or isolation. Info & registration? Email Megan

ROCK AND ROLL: Ball Rolling* with Charlotte Ott 
Friday, February 22, 7-9pm ~ Ball work is fantastic for muscle and fascia release as well as increasing circulation. Groove to the beat of classic rock, funk and blues with Charlotte while enjoying the benefit of deep tissue massage using strategic ball placement and pressure, then finish with an extended yoga nidra relaxation. $28 or class card x 2, preregistration suggested ~ open to ages 12 and up

New Monthly Class!
Saturday, February 23, 2:15-3:30pm ~ Kundalini Yoga combines asanas or physical postures with breath work and mantra. All are welcome to this new monthly offering, which strives to create an inclusive community that is a safe space for LGBTQ folks and people of all diverse backgrounds. Beginners and experienced yoga practitioners welcome. 22% of proceeds will support social and environmental justice. $10 suggested donation at door


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Gentle Yoga
African Dance 
  Through Movement
Bones For Life
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Nia/Ana Ayvazian - Mon, 11am
Community Yoga - Mon, 4pm
Recovery Yoga > Cyclists - M, 7:45p
Yoga w Props - T, 9:30a, W, 7:30a
Feldenkrais Mvt/Deborah - Tu, 12n
The Hip Joint/Deborah - Tu, 2pm
Qi Gong/Maryellen - Wed, 10am
Bones For life/Deborah - Thur, 12n
Insight Meditation/Fez - Sun, 5p
Dharma Film Series
Insight Meditation
Mindful Self-
Patañjali Yoga-Sutra
Shamanic Journey
Spiritual Counseling
Sound Healing Circle
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24 Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra/Juin
24 Sound Healing/Brad & Comma
1 Dance! The 5 Rhythms/Margaux
2 Music! Tune Up Your Spirit/Janet
3 Dharma Talk, Meditation/Lama T
9 Film! Voyage Of Time/Malick
10 Shamanic Journey Circle/Comma
15 YogaDance For Caregivers/Addie
16 Live Music! Kirtan/Shubalananda
17 Dharma Talk, Meditation/Lama T
20 Free! Mindfulness & Stress
23 Sacred Feminine in Buddhism
23 Restorative Yoga/Keith & Karen
23 Yoga Against Violence/Kelley