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This Week - preregistration recommended* or required** for starred workshops
AYURVEDA EMBODIED: Learn, Practice, Heal**
with Emmie Stamell & Heather Vaughan
Enrolling now through May 21st ~ This 9-month online Ayurvedic Studies program can be taken as a whole program or as individual modules a-la-carte. Ayurveda Embodied is your initiation to a lifetime of study. The program begins with the philosophical roots and moves into the manifestation of health and disease. Module 1 covers cosmology, the doshas, dinacharya and intro to self-treatment. Module 2 includes seasonal kala chikitsa, assessment and treatment of agni and ama. Module 3 covers Ayurvedic pharmacology, manas, prana and srotamsi. Heather and Emmie have been studying Ayurveda for 15 years, and practicing for over a decade. For more info and to register please email Emmie or visit

Special! TANTRA: The Art of Conscious Loving with Charles Muir
Wednesday, May 22, 8pm ~ Would you like to become a more masterful lover? Are you interested in expanding your abilities to be emotionally, sexually and spiritually intimate? Do you feel that there must be something more to sexual love? Tantra: The Art Of Conscious Loving is the world's foremost Tantra Yoga course. It will help you address these and many other questions relating to your sexual, emotional, and relationship practices. Join Charles Muir, the internationally acclaimed teacher and interpreter of Tantra in a preview of the upcoming Boston area workshop, Tantra: The Art Of Conscious Loving Beginner Weekend Seminar, May 24-26 ~ registration is limited. These seminars provide the education we never had and always needed in order to have wonderful, real and lasting love, and to rediscover our full potential. $40 ~ register here! For over $150 of free educational materials please visit

EMBODIED: Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation*
A Half-Day Retreat with Chris Crotty and David Schouela
Saturday, May 25, 2-5:30pm ~ Yoga and Buddhism share the same aim – the liberation of body, mind, and heart. Postures and breath practice support the body and mind for meditation, and mindfulness enables a more intentional, awareness-based yoga. This program is open to anyone interested in exploring the relationship between yoga asana (postures) and insight meditation. Together these mutually supportive practices foster self-awareness and insight into the conditions that underlie greater well-being and personal freedom. This half-day retreat includes periods of yoga postures and guided meditation based on the Four Foundations of mindfulness, and is aimed at helping students deepen concentration and investigate the true nature of mind and body. Yoga sessions will draw from yin, kripalu, and vini-yoga, and will be accessible to all levels of practitioners (of both yoga and meditation), including beginners. Preregistration recommended here

SOUND HEALING CIRCLE with Brad Brockmann & Comma Williams
Sunday, May 26, 7-9pm ~ doors open 6:45, close 7:20
Join us on the last Sunday of the month to explore the transformative healing powers of sound. You will both co-create and receive sound healing, and learn how to improvise music with a healing intention. Bring your favorite instruments or just yourself, your voice and your love. Prior musical or healing experience is welcome but not required. Suggested donation $15-25

Special 4-Day Training with DOUG KELLER**
The Therapeutic Wisdom Of Yoga: Rewriting the Story of Our
Health and Growth ~
For Yoga Teachers & Inquiring Students
Thursday-Sunday, June 6-9 ~ details & registration here!
Chronic pain often arises from improper habits and patterns of movement that have become part of the ‘story’ of our body. Traditional approaches in yoga have described the problem in terms of layers or koshas which include the influence of breath, thought and emotion. We are now coming to understand how these ‘layers’ are expressed in the fascia, impacting our well-being while taking a major role in chronic pain. This training will be an exploration of the elements of posture and movement as they influence the Koshas, and how to approach yoga practice as a commitment to self-care.


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Gentle Yoga
African Dance 
  Through Movement
Bones For Life
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Nia/Ana Ayvazian - Mon, 11am
Community Yoga - Mon, 4pm
Recovery Yoga > Cyclists - M, 7:45p
Yoga w Props - T, 9:30a, W, 7:30a
Feldenkrais Mvt/Deborah - Tu, 12n
The Hip Joint/Deborah - Tu, 2pm
Qi Gong/Maryellen - Wed, 10am
Bones For life/Deborah - Thur, 12n
Insight Meditation/Fez - Sun, 5p
Dharma Film Series
Insight Meditation
Mindful Self-
Patañjali Yoga-Sutra
Shamanic Journey
Spiritual Counseling
Sound Healing Circle
The Month Ahead...
Craniosacral Therapy
Fitness Training
Massage Therapy 
Personal Coaching 
2 African Healing Dance/Wyoma
9 Shamanic Journey Circle/Comma
12 Free! Mindfulness & Stress
14 YogaDance For Caregivers
15 Your Health Potential/Haug
15 Yoga For Continuing Students
15 Live Music! Kirtan/Shubalananda
19 New Series! Mindfulness & Stress
22 Compassionate Awareness
22 Restorative Yoga/Keith & Karen
23 Dharma Talk, Meditation/Lama T
23 Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra/Juin
30 Sound Healing/Brad & Comma
5 Dance! The 5 Rhythms/Margaux
7 Dharma Talk, Meditation/Lama T
7 African Healing Dance/Wyoma